About Seidler - Chemical Company & Supplier - Newark, NJ

About Seidler Chemical

At Seidler Chemical we are now in our 120th consecutive year operating in the great city of Newark, New Jersey. We are still a family owned and managed business, offering the following to our customers:

  • Hundreds of quality products stocked in our own warehouse
  • Multiple grades of products, including USP, NF, JP, EP, ACS, FCC, Micro, Food, Reagent, HPCL, LC/MS, Photres, Cosmetic...
  • Repackaging capabilities to fit customer specific requirements
  • Lot selection and traceability
  • Our own trucks and carriers to ensure on-time deliveries
  • Temporary and long-term warehousing
  • We bring all of this with integrity and a sincere concern for our customers

What We Value

At Seidler we value relationships, quality, fairness, and integrity. We desire all of our customers to be able to say:

“Seidler Chemical is the friendliest supplier that I deal with.”

“When I place my order with Seidler Chemical, I do not have to think about it again. They take care of me.”

“I trust Seidler Chemical to treat me fairly and honestly. They do the right thing without my having to ask.”

The fact is this: we value our customers and when we hear them sharing with us the statements above, we are happy. May we bring our values to you?

Seidler Team

Our August 2013 mural dedication to the city of Newark.


Seidler Team

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