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Electronic Grade Chemicals

When it comes to sourcing and delivering electronic materials, let Seidler Chemical come to your aid. Not only do we stock a large number of products, we also offer a variety of brands. We can custom blend or source a wide range of Etches and Acid dips.

Electronic Materials from Avantor™ Performance Materials (formally J.T. Baker Chemical Company)

Advanced Chemistries Engineered to Help Shape Our Digital World

Whether you’re trying to boost semiconductor wafer yields in new sub-20 nm nodes, improve photovoltaic cell efficiency or ramp up production on new flat panel display fab lines to meet surging demand, the challenges of global electronics manufacturing have never been more complex.

Electronic materials from Avantor Performance Materials will help solve these challenges, with a unique array of advanced technology chemicals, expert applications support and global manufacturing and supply chain resources dedicated to serving semiconductor, photovoltaic and flat panel display manufacturers.

High-purity J.T.Baker® performance electronic materials are specifically designed to help optimize process efficiencies, lower overall cost of ownership and enable you to deliver cutting-edge products to market faster, to sustain and grow your competitive edge.

Electronic Materials Products

Electronic Grade Chemicals
Photoresist Strippers & Post-Etch Residue Removers
Aluminum Process Chemicals
Advanced Copper Process Chemicals
Advanced FEOL Surface Preparation
Photovoltaic Emitter Surface Modifiers
Photovoltaic Texturing Chemicals

Seidler Chemical is a major distributor and supplier of Avantor™ Performance Materials products, and also provides materials from Microchem and other specialty electronic manufacturers. These include the following grades:

CMOS Buffered Oxide Etches Baker Rezi™
VLSI HF Dilutions Baker Aleg™
Finyte® Baker Clean™ Baker Ultryte™


Baker CLR™  

Seidler Chemical provides quality electronic grade chemicals as a top Avantor distributor, a company formally known as J.T. Baker. We offer a full range of semiconductor grade chemicals for the electronic industry, including Finyte grade and more. Contact Seidler Chemical to learn more about Avantor Chemicals or to place an order for the electronic grade chemicals we supply.