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Karl Fischer

The Karl Fischer Titration was a method that was developed in the mid-1930s. It uses coulometric or volumetric titration to verify any trace amounts of water they may be present in almost all types of chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals.

When working with the coulometric titration one of the key components to the KF Titration is an anode solution. The anode solution that is concocted out of alcohol (ROH), a base (B), I2 and SO2 are used to create the titration. When involving the volumetric titration there is also a solution that contains alcohol (ROH), base (B), SO2 and I2. Within the titration cell that is used for the KF titration process are two sections.

The KF Titration is one of the most used and well-known methods because it is quite accurate, can determine if water is present in gas, liquid or solids, only requires small quantities of samples and has a short duration during the analysis process.