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Laboratory Reagents

Quality finished products begin with chemicals of the highest standards. Seidler Chemical stocks and delivers hundreds of high purity chemicals for use in every market.

Seidler Chemical Company takes care of a range of lab needs as one of the leading bulk chemical suppliers of laboratory reagents in the industry.

These products include:

• Acids and Bases

• Bio Reagents

• Chromatography
   & Separation

• Extraction Solvents

• Flash Chromatography

• HPLC Solvents

• Histological Grades

• Ion Determination

• Inorganics

• pH Adjusters

• Karl Fischer Reagents

• LC/MS Solvents & Blends

• Spectrophotometer

• Salts

• Solvents and
   Ultra-Dry Solvents

• Volumetric Solutions

Seidler Chemical also carries a broad line of:

• Safety Products

• Spill Clean-up Products

• Closed Solvent Delivery Systems

Seidler Chemical is an authorized distributor for Avantor Performance Materials (including Baker and Macron Brands) and Spectrum Chemical Co., including their Laboratory, Microelectronic, Biotechnical, Chromatography, and Specialty Chemicals.