Seidler Chemical Company - A Message from our President

A Message from our President

Rich Seidler, President of Seidler ChemicalHow is it that we measure success? As an individual it might be by the position that we achieve, the style of living that we assume, or perhaps the influence that we yield.

For others it might be measured by the praise they receive, or by the legacy that they leave, or the press that they generate.

As senior leader of Seidler Chemical Company, I increasingly measure success by examining the answer to this basic question: Is what we are doing as a business consistent with the core values of relationship that resonate in me, my fellow team members and my customers?

Two of these values are “integrity and “transparency”; the willingness to not only do the right thing, but to own up to mistakes and work to turn them into victories for us and for our customers. In other words, integrity is not just about doing it right, but making it right when it isn’t.

The simple words of wisdom to “Let your yes be yes, and your no be no” form a core template that will enhance any relationship, business or otherwise. And this leads to another question: Is Seidler Chemical dealing with transparency and fairness within our business network?

Ask most kids what they think about something and they respond with the naked truth in a way that often pierces our charades and images. I remember with my own children that at the root of most of their complaints was this question, “Is what just happened to me fair?”

I would like to think that Seidler Chemical can operate within the realm of fairness while providing increasingly great customer service and value to all the fine customers who trust us with their business.

Please send me a note and let me know what you think.