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N-Propyl Alcohol (n-Propanol)

This substance is naturally occurring as a result of various fermentation processes. As a base alcohol, it is a colorless liquid that produces a strong musty odor. For industrial purposes, n-propanol is created by catalytic hydroformylation of propionaldehyde.

Due to its high solubility, this chemical is mostly used as a solvent in the pharmaceutical industry. N-propanol is applied for the creation of cellulose esters and resins. It is also highly flammable and has a high octane rating, which makes it a viable fuel, although it’s too expensive to be used widely for that purpose. Other applications include the creation of acetone, cleaners, soaps, and dye solutions. It can also be used in rubbing alcohol.

N-propanol is similar to ethanol, although it is far more potent. Thus, ingesting modest quantities of this substance can potentially lead to alcohol poisoning. It also evaporates quickly in the air, so inhalation can create similar effects if you breathe it in for long periods. It is a mild skin irritant and can be harmful if it gets into your eyes. Handle with care.