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Snow & Ice Melt

Odds are good that you already know what snow and ice melt is, but just in case you don’t, I’ll give you a little bit of background information on it. Essentially, this is a blend of different chemicals that you can put down on your driveway, sidewalk or anywhere else where there might be a buildup of ice that you want to get rid of. Once the mix makes contact with the ice, it begins to accelerate the melting process to help eliminate the ice quicker.

When it comes to the chemical makeup of most snow and ice melts, it’s going to consist of calcium chloride pellets that work to accelerate the melting of the ice on the ground. Since that particular chemical reacts with water, you’re going to get that reaction and the ice will melt much faster. Some snow and ice melts will use other chemicals, but calcium chloride is the most common.