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SVC14 Positive Photoresist Stripper

A positive photoresist is a chemical substance that is light sensitive and is designed to expose a surface that is intended to be removed by a manufacturing or industrial process, such as etching, and protect surfaces that are to remain untouched. Chemically, SVC14 positive photoresist is 60.0% Dimethyl sulfoxide and 40.0% Cyclic ester. It becomes developer-soluble when it is exposed to a light source such as ultraviolet light. The light alters its chemical structure so that it can be washed away by a developer. This means anything that is wanted will remain in place on the surface and everything that is unwanted will be removed.

Photoresists are used in a number of manufacturing applications. The uses of photoresists are nearly endless and new uses are frequently introduced. Current manufacturing processes that use photoresists include mastering CDs and DVDs, photolithography, and etching. Photoresists are available for both positive and negative applications.