A notice to our vendors...

A Notice to our Vendors…

Seidler Chemical Company fully supports the vision and goals of the EICC. We believe that through the application of higher standards we can create better social, economic, and environmental outcomes for all those involved in the Electronics and ICT supply chains. Higher standards includes increased efficiency and productivity for customers and suppliers, improved conditions for workers, economic development, and a cleaner environment for local communities. Part of our mission is to help deliver these benefits through a shared approach to implementing the EICC Code of Conduct. This approach will help focus efforts
on positive social and environmental change and build supply chain capabilities in social responsibility.

Seidler Chemical Company commits to Implementing the EICC philosophy, and we are encouraging all of our Vendors to take part by utilizing the EICC best practices. Seidler further will encourage and support its suppliers to likewise implement EICC best practices with their suppliers.

Seidler Chemical Company will cooperate with our peers and others to promote safe working conditions, worker rights, environmental responsibility, and business ethics beyond reproach in the global electronics supply chain.

We are further asking our vendors to be able to implement and follow these 7 points:

1. Define, deploy, and sustain a corporate responsibility and environmental management system that identifies significant aspects of the supplier's intersections with these matters, including those articulated in the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct (EICC).Supplier must be able to demonstrate that such a management system is in place and deployed at their sites where work for Seidler is performed, such that should Seidler choose to conduct a 3rd-party audit of a supplier's Supply Chain Social Responsibly (SCSR) program and/or environmental program, supplier will be able to demonstrate complete compliance to all elements the EICC Code of Conduct.

2. Establish programs (within the management system) to control operations that intersect with these matters and confirm compliance with applicable law, regulation and any particular contractual requirements.

3. Measure performance associated with supplier's significant environmental aspects where applicable and include at a minimum each of the following aspects common to virtually all businesses:

  • energy conservation
  • scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions
  • waste management and recycling

4. Set voluntary environmental goals to achieve positive results associated with significant aspects where applicable and include at a minimum one in each of the three aspects cited in Supplier Requirement 3 above.

5. Publicly disclose results associated with these voluntary environmental goals and other environmental aspects from the management system, including any regulatory fines or penalties that may have occurred.

6. Train employees who are responsible for performing this work.

7. Conduct self-assessments and audits as well as management reviews.

Please contact us with any questions: email rs@seidlerchem.com