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Waste & Water Treatment

Nearly every business has a need for either purification of water for the manufacturing process, or to clean a waste stream/effluent. Seidler Chemical is a trusted supplier of a diverse number of products used for either application. Many of the following products are also available in custom packaging, including 1 gal, 5 gal, 15 gal, 55 gal and bulk on liquids, to nearly any size required on dry chemicals. We can also custom blend any percentage to meet your requirements.


• Acids and Bases

• Antifreeze

• Chlorinators:
  Calcium Hypochlorite
  Sodium Hypochlorite
  Stabilized Chlorine

• Coagulants

• De-Chlorinators

• Defoamers

• Filter-Aids

• Flocculants:
  Aluminum Sulfate Dry/Liquid
  Ferric Chloride Dry/Liquid
  Ammonium Sulfate

• Metal/Mineral Control

• Odor Controls

• Oxidizing Agents

• Peroxides

• and many other
  treatment products