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1,1,1 Trichloroethane

1,1,1 Trichloroethane is a polar solvent. Its unsymmetrical structure makes it ideal as a solvent to use with organic compounds that have trouble dissolving in hydrocarbons, like hexane. It’s also a superior solvent to use with various organic materials and is one of the least toxic chlorinated hydrocarbons.

In addition to its solvent properties, it’s also a popular degreaser within various industries. 1,1,1 Trichloroethane is often an ingredient in common consumer products like glues, household cleaners, and aerosol sprays. It’s also used as an intermediate in producing vinylidene chloride.

The compound presents as a colorless liquid with a pleasant, sweet scent. It has a molecular weight of 133.396 g/mol and a complexity of 26.4. The canonicalized compound has an exact and monoisotopic mass of 131.93 g/mol. It also has a XLogP3-AA of 2.4 and a heavy atom count of 5.

It has a boiling point of 165.4° F (74°C) and a melting point of -26.5° F (-30.4 °C). 1,1,1 Trichloroethane density is 1.31 at 68° F.