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140 Solvent

Solvent 140 is a chemical compound composed of aliphatic petroleum distillates. Solvents are liquid organic chemicals that dissolve solid materials. The high flash point (over 140 degrees F) of this solution makes it easier and safer to dispose of than volatile (low flash point) solvents. This solution is an alternative to low flash point options such as mineral spirits. Solvent 140 is soluble in hydrocarbon solutions but insoluble in water. A clear, colorless liquid, this chemical’s odor mimics hydrocarbon and dries clean. The properties of this solvent are 100 percent volatility and stability.

Solvent 140 works efficiently for general cleaning - especially in removing grease, oils, inks and fluids. This cleaner is produced primarily for use in parts washers and degreasing in shops, garages, and industrial plants. Also, solvent 140 effectively cleans oil-based paints. Some sources report evidence of this cleaner’s usefulness in dry cleaning applications. The chemical is safe for and works well on most metals and plastics.