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2-Ethylhexanol is a chemical compound which comes from the aldehydes group and is an Octanals isomer. It is a branched, eight-carbon fatty alcohol that takes the form of a colorless liquid and is soluble in many organic solvents, but is poorly soluble in water. It may also be made up of butanal by base-catalyzed aldol reaction and subsequent hydrogenation to be obtained.

It is used in combination with other materials such as surface disinfectants, solvent, and as an intermediate for the production of 2-ethylhexanal acid and 2-ethylhexylamine, and for the production of fragrances or pharmaceuticals. Condensation products from the compound are used as vulcanizing agents and antioxidants used within the rubber industry.

2-ethylhexanol is a flammable, clear, yellow liquid containing a strong, sharp odor. It becomes slightly acidic when mixed with water. Since it can be encountered in the fragrances of natural plants, it has also been described as having a heavy and earthy or slightly floral odor, which is why it is commonly applied to in the production of fragrances like perfumes or air fresheners. The 2-ethylhexanal vapors can combine with air to create an explosive mixture. Its flashpoint form in 42 degrees Celsius. Its boiling point is 163 degrees Celsius while the melting point is negative 85 degrees Celsius. It has a liquid physical state and is also known as butylethylacetaldehyd, ethylbutylacetaldehyd, and is called 2-ethylhexaldehyde.

2-ethylhexanol raises some health concerns if exposed to in certain amounts. Air exposure to low quantities of 2-ethyhexanol has caused sore throat, coughing, headaches, and blurred visions whereas air exposure to high quantities of 2-ethyhexanol has caused severe headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and even gastrointestinal disorders.