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340 Solvent

This substance is an industrial form of solvent that is used for a wide variety of purposes due to its soluble qualities and effective methods of cleaning and disinfecting. 340 Solvent is classified as a surfactant, which means that it will break down the surface tension of a liquid, thus making it more viscous and thinner. 340 Solvent is usually used in tandem with other chemicals to create something more practical. This industrial chemical can be found mostly in cleaners and paint products.

Solvent 340 is classified as a petroleum naphtha, which is a petrochemical that is derived by refining crude oil. Petroleum Naphthas are used in a broad range of other chemicals, but usually, they can be found in solvents and diluents that are used for cleaning and paint varnish. Solvent 340 is mostly used for these types of applications, being found in paint stains and finishes, as well as industrial stone cleaning solutions and solvents. Because it is helpful at breaking down surface soils without damaging said surface, it makes a fine degreaser as well.