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Acetanilide is an odourless organic chemical that has a flake like appearance.It is a phenyl compound with a cyclic structure. It consists of a phenyl radical, ethyl radical and an amide. Acetanilide is a crystalline structure (with a shape similar to leaves) with smaller crystals having a flake shape. While it is flammable, its relatively high melting point (113-116 degrees Celsius) make it stable at room temperature and it will not ignite unless exposed to open flame. The substance is mildly irritating to the skin and eyes and should be handled in a well ventilated room while wearing appropriate safety equipment.

Acetanilide is used as an inhibitor for decomposition of hydrogen peroxide as well as being used to stabilize cellulose-based ester varnishes. In the 19th century it was used as an analgesic with antipyretic properties though its use was discontinued when it was discovered that it had severe toxic side effects.