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Acetic Acid (Avantor 9503-035 CMOS, LB Bottle)

Also known as ethanoic acid, this compound is usually found in liquid form, although it can also be crystallized. It is colorless and partially dissociates in solvent, which classifies the chemical as a “weak” acid. There is a strong and pungent odor that emits from this material, and it can be hazardous when in concentrated doses.

Biologically, this chemical is found in plants and animals as a means of metabolism. Vinegar contains between three and nine percent acetic acid, which is what causes its strong odor. Industrially, this compound is used to create cellulose acetate for photographic film, vinyl acetate for plastics, and polyvinyl acetate for wood glue and other resins.

Acetic acid is highly flammable and must be stored in a cool, dry area. Contact with skin or eyes will create swelling, redness, and a burning sensation. The acid is corrosive and can be hazardous to humans, particularly if ingested or inhaled (vapor).