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Acetic Acid (Avantor 9503-05 CMOS 9 LB Bottle)

A colorless liquid that has a sharp, semi pungent odor. It is considered a “weak acid” because it partially dissociates in solvents, but in concentrated doses, it can pose a threat to skin and other body parts. Usually, acetic acid is shipped in bottles, although it can sometimes be found in a crystalline form as well.

Acetic acid is an important chemical reagent used for many different purposes, mostly for cellulose acetate and polyvinyl acetate. These compounds are used in photographic film and wood glue, respectively. Other uses include making synthetic fibers and fabrics. Acetic acid is naturally found in vinegar, so it can also be utilized in the food industry. Finally, vinyl acetate can be used for some plastics.

Although it is a weak acid, this compound can still pose a significant hazard to humans. If it comes into contact with skin or eyes, it can produce a burning sensation. If ingested or inhaled (vapor) it can induce coughing and vomiting. Acetic acid is also highly flammable, so it must be stored in a cool, dry area and must not be exposed to any open flame.