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Acetic Acid (Avantor 9503-06 CMOS, 2.5L Bottle)

Clear, colorless liquid that is usually shipped in plastic bottles. Chemical makeup is CH3CO2H, and it partially dissociates in solvent. As such, this compound is classified as a “weak” acid, although it can do damage to the skin and other organs when found in concentrated amounts. The liquid produces a foul and distinct odor.

Industrially speaking, acetic acid is used as a reagent to form cellulose acetate for the production of photographic film. It can also be utilized for vinyl and polyvinyl acetates, which are used to make certain plastics and wood glue. Acetic acid is also found biologically in plants and animals, and even makes up a percentage of all vinegar (3-19%).

Although classified as a weak acid, pure forms of this substance are corrosive on skin and other body parts. You must wear goggles, gloves, and a breathing mask when handling acetic acid. Inhalation and ingestion can cause serious health issues, and the material itself is highly flammable.