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Acetic Acid (Avantor 9522-07 USP FCC 40 LB Pail)

This is a colorless liquid that emits a strong, foul odor. Usually, acetic acid is found in liquid form, but on occasion, it can also be distributed as a crystalline substance as well. The chemical makeup of this acid is CH3COOH, and it is considered a “weak” acid because it only partially dissociates in solvent.

Acetic acid is a naturally forming compound that can be found in plants and animals. Most vinegar is about 3-19% acetic acid, so it is used a lot in the food industry. Industrially, this chemical is used as a reagent in the formation of vinyl acetate, cellulose acetate, and polyvinyl acetate. These mixtures are used for plastics, photographic film, and wood glue and resins, respectively.

This substance is highly flammable and can pose a threat if exposed to fire. Pure versions of the acid are also harmful to humans as it can be a corrosive substance if exposed to the skin or eyes. Inhalation and ingestion can be hazardous and cause coughing fits and even vomiting.

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