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Acetic Anhydride

Acetic Anhydride, an esterification agent, is commonly used in preparing modified food starches. The compound can be obtained directly through the liquid-phase oxidation of the chemical compound acetaldehyde. The clear, color-free liquid has a scent reminiscent of vinegar.

Acetic Anhydride molecular weight is 102.089 g/mol. The compound also has a complexity of 83.1 and a heavy atom count of 7. Both the monoisotopic and exact mass are 102.032 g/mol. It has a boiling point of 283.19° F (139 °C), a melting point of -99.6° F (-73 °C), and a flash point of 121° F (49 °C).

This chemical is soluble in 120 mg/mL water at 20 °C and forms an acetic acid. The compound has a greater density than water at 1.082 g/cu. The odor threshold for acetic anhydride is 0.13 uL/L.

The industrial uses for acetic anhydride include being used in sealants, adhesives, and solvents. Commercial uses include non-pesticide agricultural products, paper, and personal care products.