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Acetone (Avantor 2440-16 ACS, 4 Liter Poly)

An alternative name for this compound is propanone, but acetone is the most common listing for it. It is a clear and colorless liquid that produces a semi-sweet odor. It evaporates quickly in the air and is highly miscible in water. Acetone is only made as a liquid, and it occurs naturally in humans.

Industrially, acetone is mostly used as a solvent and a degreaser. It can be found in paint thinners, lacquers, and varnishes, and works well at cleaning textiles. Commercially, acetone is mostly used as nail polish remover and can sometimes be found as a flavoring agent for foods. It has a semi-sweet taste to it and is not harmful in small amounts.

The biggest danger from acetone is the fact that it is highly flammable. As such, it must be stored in a cool, dry area. Direct contact with the substance may cause irritation of the skin and eyes, but ingestion and inhalation are not dangerous unless in large quantities.

Acetone (Avantor 2440)