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Acetone (Avantor 2443-10 AR/ACS, 4L Bottle)

This substance is a clear, colorless liquid that is highly flammable. As such, it evaporates quickly in air. It also produces a semi sweet and distinct odor. Acetone is highly miscible in water and is found naturally in the human body as a side effect of metabolism.

The most common application of acetone on the consumer level is for nail polish removers. It works well as a solvent and can be utilized industrially in the creation of lacquers and finishes. Also, you can find acetone as a food flavoring agent thanks to its somewhat fruity taste.

Overall, acetone is not classified as a highly toxic substance, although it can cause irritation if you come into contact with too much of it. Since it evaporates quickly, inhalation is common, and can sometimes lead to coughing fits. Avoid eye contact and ingestion of large quantities as it can have adverse effects. This substance is also highly flammable and must be kept in a cool, dry storage area.

Acetone (Avantor 2443)