Acetone - Avantor 5356-05 - VLSI, Plastic, 8 PT - Seidler

Acetone (Avantor 5356-05, VLSI, Plastic, 8 PT)

Primarily used as a cleaning agent, very-large-scale integration grade acetone is used in the manufacturing of microprocessors. Since it dissolves organic compounds, acetone is ideal for cleaning the surface of chipsets before etching. This removes any trace of a possible organic contamination, and provides VLSI engineers with an appropriately clean surface to work with when creating or testing new designs. Extreme care should be taken when using or handling acetone in a laboratory or cleanroom setting, as it is both highly flammable and extremely volatile at room temperature, and even trace vapors can be ignited unexpectedly. While acetone is often used as a solvent in electronics manufacture, it also has uses in the pharmaceutical industry, medical photodynamic therapy, textile manufacturing, plastics manufacturing, and in the production of paints/coatings for metal and other surfaces. Many workers in the automotive and construction industry also use acetone as a heavy degreaser for cleaning tools and surfaces during repair and general maintenance.