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Acetone (Avantor 9003-03, HPLC, 4 LT)

This grade of acetone is a low water variety intended for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), where it is used as a solvent for the mobile phase of the HPLC process. It is not the preferred solvent for HPLC, as acetonitrile produces superior resolution in various analyses, but the utility of acetone in HPLC is more than sufficient for observations of specific wavelengths. There is a disturbance between 220nm-300nm that may cause interference with UV detection, but for small molecule analysis acetone is perfectly acceptable and allows for accurate results. Many researchers involved in HPLC work began using acetone in the past few years due to a scarcity of acetonitrile worldwide. Acetone is an organic compound that is mass produced for use as a solvent in various industrial capacities including electronics manufacturing, textile production, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, and painting/coating production. Highly flammable and extremely volatile, acetone requires strict safety protocols in both storage and use.

Acetone (Avantor 9003)