Acetone - Avantor 9005-05 - CMOS, 4 Lt Poly - Seidler

Acetone (Avantor 9005-05, CMOS, 4 Lt Poly)

Systematically named propanone, acetone is a commonly used organic compound that is colorless, flammable and volatile. For these reasons, storage and transportation are strictly regulated. As the simplest ketone, acetone is miscible with water, and is primarily used as a laboratory cleaner. High purity CMOS electronics grade acetone is used for the purpose of cleaning printed circuit boards and in other electronics manufacturing processes. Acetone is actually produced in small quantities and passed through the human body as a part of normal metabolic processes, though industrial acetone is generally produced as part of the direct or indirect manufacturing processes from propylene, alkylated benzene, and oxidization of the resultant cumene, leading to the direct production of phenol and acetone. Prior to the 20th century, acetone was actually produced via dry distillation of acetates such as calcium acetate in a state of ketonic decarboxylation. Acetone is primarily used as a plastics solvent today.