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Acetone (Avantor 9006-03 ACS, 4 Lt Glass Case)

This naturally occurring substance is found in low doses in the human body. It is colorless and has a strong, distinctly sweet aroma. It is miscible in water and evaporates rapidly in air. It is both volatile and highly flammable, although not particularly toxic.

Because acetone has a mildly sweet taste, it can sometimes be used as a flavoring agent in food. Most commonly, though, you will find acetone in personal care products such as nail polish remover. Industrially, this substance is utilized mainly as a solvent for thinning paint, degreasing metal, and cleaning textiles.

Acetone is not very toxic, but it is highly flammable. Ingesting or inhaling small quantities of the substance should not have any adverse effects, but direct contact with the skin or eyes may result in irritation or slight redness.

Acetone (Avantor 9006)