Acetone - Avantor 9254-03 - ULTRA RESI, 4 LT - Seidler

Acetone (Avantor 9254-03, ULTRA RESI, 4 LT)

Suitable for organic residue analysis, Ultra-Resi acetone is an ultra-high purity solvent that is used in organic residue extraction and concentration. It’s primary use is to dissolve organic residue that has accumulated on laboratory glassware, and it also plays a role in residue analysis when attempting to extract an organic residue from a glass container. This specific purity level is intended for use as a solvent on glass and other impermeable surfaces, but is not intended for use on printed circuit boards. Acetone is also highly flammable and volatile, and must be properly stored and transported in order to assure the safety of lab team members and the general public. The higher the purity grade, the more flammable and volatile acetone is, and given the 99.4% acetone concentration of Ultra-Resi, great care should be taken when cleaning equipment or acetone in the lab. While it is an excellent solvent, it is also an exceptional fire accelerant.

Acetone (Avantor 9254)