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Acetonitrile (Avantor, 9017-03, HPLC, 4 Lt Bottle)

A colorless liquid considered the simplest nitrile, acetonitrile is used as a solvent during the mobile phase of high-performance liquid chromatography research. Although its primary use industrially is the purification of butadiene, acetonitrile is the preferred solvent for HPLC researchers due to its low UV cutoff and its low reactivity and viscosity. Due to its relatively high dielectric content, it is also popular in battery solution applications, and it is also used extensively in both pharmaceuticals and the development of photographic film. It is a naturally produced as a byproduct of acrylonitrile manufacture, and provides a common two-carbon building block in the synthesis of acetamidine hydrochloride, thiamine, and q-naphthaleneacetic acid. Its specific advantage over acetone in HPLC is that it is far less flammable and volatile, however it is toxic in quantity if ingested or metabolised, as the human metabolization of acetonitrile produces hydrogen cyanide. Limiting direct exposure through the use of universal precautions is highly recommended.

Acetonitrile (Avantor 9017)