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Acetonitrile is a synthetic organic chemical compound that has a formula of CH3CN. Its main industrial production is as an acrylonitrile manufacture by-product. In the laboratory environment, its primary use is one of a solvent of medium polarity that is mixes with water easily at all proportional combinations. This compound was first synthesized by French chemist Jean-Baptiste Dumas in1847.

Acetonitrile's primary industrial use is one of a solvent used to purify butadiene. Butadiene is a chemical compound that is widely utilized in rubber production by refineries. It also has a common usage in battery-related applications due to its properties as an electrolyte dissolver and its high dielectric constant. The chemical is also a popular solvent used in the manufacture of photographic film and pharmaceutical products.

Because of its low chemical reactive properties and viscosity, acetronitrile is also a popular option for liquid chromatography, a process of various mixture separations.