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This substance is a clear or yellowish liquid that burns well and has a pungent aroma. Acrolein can be found naturally through the burning of wood or animal fat, but industrially this substance is produced as an herbicide. It is made in North America, Europe, and Japan, and it is usually used as an herbicide to kill weeds and algae in irrigation canals. Acrolein can also be used in the production of other chemicals, or if it is put into high enough concentrations, it can be used as a chemical weapon.

Another distinguishing trademark of Acrolein is that it evaporates in the air far more rapidly than water or other chemicals. As the temperature rises, this evaporation happens at an even faster rate. If you are exposed to Acrolein, you will know it by the smell. It produces a strong, piercing odor that is unpleasant. Small amounts in the air will create this effect.