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Activated Alumina

Activated Alumina is an extremely porous form of aluminum oxide with a high-surface area. The compound is capable of absorbing liquids and gases without being forced to change its form.

It has no odor and can be found in the form of powder, balls, lumps, or mesh.

The compound has a molecular weight of 101.96 g/mol and a heavy atom count of 5. The monoisotopic and exact mass comes in at 101.948 g/mol. Activated alumina has a boiling point of 5396° F, a melting point of 3632° F, is insoluble in water and has difficulty being soluble in strong alkali and mineral acids.

Activated alumina uses in industry include abrasives, cement, master alloy production, catalysts, ion exchange agents, fuel cells, oil and gas exploration, pigments, process regulators, photosensitive chemicals, and refractories.

Its commercial uses include non-pesticide agricultural products, batteries, cleaning products, food packaging, construction materials, and floor covering.