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Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon, also known as “activated charcoal,” is a form of carbon, which has been processed to have small and low-volume pores to increase the surface area that is available for absorption or chemical reactions. Activated carbon is usually derived from charcoal and is often utilized as “biochar,” or charcoal which is used for soil amendment in biomasses.

Activated carbon has multiple uses. It can be applied for industrial, such as finishing metal and purifying electroplating solutions; medical, such as treating poisonings and overdoses following ingestion of oral products like toothpaste; and environmental or agricultural purposes, such as removing harmful pollutants from air and water, or being used as a pesticide or food additive in livestock production and even wine production. It is also used for the distillation and purification of alcoholic beverages like beer, purifying gasoline and storing other sources of energy and fuel, purifying other chemicals, and even scrubbing the deadly chemical mercury.