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Adipic Acid

Adipic acid is a flexible food additive that has a gel-like consistency and a tart taste. Derived from natural fats, it is a crystalline fatty acid that is also naturally occurring in both sugar cane and beets. Comprised of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, this organic compound is a dicarboxylic acid. In addition to its use as a food additive, this acid is also widely used in the industrial industry. It is common in numerous textile and industrial applications, such as in the manufacture of nylon and lubricants.

In the food industry, this compound is used in gelatin, throat lozenges, imitation flavor extracts, condiments such as relish and pickles and in dairy products like yogurt. It is also a common addition to many powdered drink mixes, given its ability to provide a sweet, tart flavor. Synthetic versions of this acid are also commonly used in carbonated beverages as the primary acid that helps these drinks maintain their bubbly, fizz.