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Alcohol (Avantor, 7019-10, REAGENT, 4 Lt Bottle)

A solution of 90 percent ethanol, 5 percent methanol, and 5 percent isopropyl alcohol, reagent alcohol is used in the same manner and for the same purposes as pure ethanol, but is considered “denatured” due to the additives in the solution. These additives have more to do with U.S. alcohol regulation and tax laws than anything else, as reagent grade alcohol is highly toxic if ingested due to the addition of methanol and isopropyl alcohol. Since it is not produced for and cannot be sold for recreational consumption, it is considered non-taxable by the U.S. government, and thus can be less expensive than purchasing pure ethanol. Reagent alcohol is still highly flammable and volatile, and requires special care when handling or using this solution in the lab.Fumes from reagent alcohol can also be quite potent, so appropriate safety guidelines should be followed at all times.

Alcohol (Avantor 7019)