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Alcohol (Avantor, 9401-03, ANHYDROUS, ACS, 4 LT)

Commonly referred to as ethanol, this is the variety of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. The term anhydrous refers to the purity of the ethanol in questions, which is a 100% purity rating containing no water.Despite its popularity as a recreational drug of choice for many, ethanol also has numerous uses for chemists and physicians. In the medical field, it is one of the oldest forms of antiseptic, and it also provides an antidote for methanol and ethylene glycol poisoning. It is also used a solvent that allows of many water-insoluble medications and compounds to be dissolved in water. Ethanol is further used in the manufacturing process of many household soaps and detergents to produce sodium sulfate, a product that results from ethanol evaporation. Like most solvents and alcohols, ethanol is also highly flammable and combustible, and should be handled with great care according to established safety protocols.

Alcohol (Avantor 9401)