Alcojet Distributor & Supplier - Seidler


Alcojet is a nonionic detergent that, when diluted in water, produces a surfactant with a low level of foam. Hydrophilic molecular groups in its chemical composition protect metals from forming oxides with water, giving the surfactant anti-corrosive properties. This renders Alcojet suitable for cleaning grease build-up on machine parts that would otherwise be prone to rust.

Alcojet is "free rinsing", that is, it does not leave residue on glassware. This makes it ideal for cleaning laboratory equipment. In addition to metal and glass, it is suitable for the surface cleaning of ceramics and plastics, rubber and fiberglass. The low foaming quality makes the surfactant suitable for the power spray cleaning systems that are used in industrial kitchens, communal bathrooms and other public areas. Catering companies use it to clean heavy-duty cookware, since it is powerful in breaking down residues of carbon, grease and proteins on surfaces. The surfactant is also biodegradable.