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Aliphatic Naphthas

Aliphatic Naphthas are versatile chemicals, used as solvents in a wide array of industrial and commercial products. The liquid hydrocarbon mixtures are derived from natural gas condensates and petroleum distillates.

These chemicals can be found in products like kerosene, mineral seal oil, rubber solvent, mineral spirits, heptane, and hexane. They’re often used in non-food pesticide products, as well as one of the components in silicone polymer production.

Aliphatic Naphthas makes for clean-burning fuel for various industrial chemical applications. You can find them in torches and camping fuel, as well as a number of industry applications. The low evaporation rate makes it a useful solvent for diluting substances like paint.

This chemical is flammable with a flash point below 80 °F, meaning it should only be used in areas with a lot of ventilation.