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Alkanolamides are fatty acids used in everything form shampoo to fuel. These fatty acids come in three different forms: solid, flakes, and liquid. Alkonaolamides in the solid form are often used as thickening agents in many shampoos and also stabilize the foam created from the shampoo. The flakes perform the same way and are more soluble. These forms both target soil particles and make them easier to remove. The liquid form is used in the same way as the others in cosmetics. Some cosmetics may not be here without the use of these items.

As a fuel additive, Alkanolamides can reduce friction in diesel fuel. It can also improve on the fuel economy of gasoline based fuels. These acids also are able to provide stability and anti-aging technology for many fuels on the market. Everyone that drives can appreciate the increased fuel economy that this provides.

There are many different uses for these acids and many more to come.