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Allantoin is a byproduct of uric acid oxidation. It’s also present in the urine of most mammals, except for higher forms of ape. The compound can be extracted from the comfrey plant or isolated from the other elements within cow urine. It can be found in both powder and crystal form.

The anti-irritation, healing, and soothing properties of Allantoin make it helpful in wound healing, resolving issues with skin irritation, and stimulating healthy tissue growth. Popular Allantoin products include anti-acne skin care, clarifying lotions, and sun care products. It’s also found in mouthwash, toothpaste, and other products related to oral hygiene.

Allantoin has a molecular weight of 158.117 g/mol and a complexity of 225. The monoisotopic and exact mass is 158.044 g/mol. It has a melting point of 239 °C and is soluble in sodium hydroxide, alcohol, and pyridine. It has an XLogP3-AA of -2.2 and a heavy atom count of 11.