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Aluminas, also referred to as aluminum oxides, are minerals which come from the earth’s core. The ions from aluminas can be used to replace silicon ions normally found within silicates, creating a new compound called aluminosilicates.

Single alumina crystals have been used for dental implants, while dense alumina can be used for creating replacement teeth. It’s also used for coating cookware to keep it free from scratches and abrasions.

It comes in the form of white powder, similar in look to table salt. It has a melting point of 2050 °C, meaning it requires a lot of energy to turn alumina into aluminum. The ionic bonding in aluminas starts breaking down at 220 °C. Aluminas density is 3.97 g/cc with a molecular weight of 101.96 g/mol.

Aluminas are a basic material used in ceramics. They’re also found in the lining of containers and in mass transferring pipes requiring heat resistance. The mineral is also used in ink, coating, paint, filling paper, rubber, adhesives, tiles, pharmaceuticals, bricks, tableware, cooking utensils, pottery, plastics, and electronic components.