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Aluminum-Ammonium Sulfate

Aluminum-Ammonium Sulfate can be found as both a white powder and in the form of color-free hexagonal crystals. It’s soluble in water, glycerol, and dilute acid. The compound has a molecular weight of 237.14 and a strong astringent taste. It has a density of 2.45 at a gravity of 20 deg C.

One gram of Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate can be dissolved in around 20 ml of cold water, and around 1.5 mL of boiling hot water. It becomes anhydrous at around 250 deg C and decomposes at temperatures above 280 deg C. The compound is mostly insoluble in alcohol.

It’s used in the process of dyeing various materials. The compound is also used in purifying water and sewage, to size paper, as a clarifying agent, for retanning leather, to manufacture lakes, in various pigments, and for treating fur. It’s also possible to find aluminum-ammonium sulfate in food as an additive.