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Aluminum Hydroxide

The aluminum hydroxide compound has many biomedical uses, including as an antiperspirant ingredient, as an emulsifier, in dentifrices, as a gastric acid, in water purification, and as an adjuvant in vaccines and bacterin.

The molecular weight of the compound is 81.027 g/mol. It has a complexity of 3.2 and a heavy atom count of four. Both the monoisotopic and exact mass is 81.013 g/mol.

The melting point of aluminum hydroxide is 300 °C. It’s not soluble in water, but is in HCI and other strong acids where water is present. It has a density of 2.42 g/cu cm. Aluminum hydroxide gel forms when it’s in prolonged contact with water. The compound is capable of reacting as both a base and an acid.

Other industrial uses include acting as a flame retardant, solids separation agent, as a component in airbags, and in pigments. Commercial applications include being mixed into ceramics and plastics, explosive materials, paper products, food packaging, and electrical products.