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Aluminum Oxide Calcined

This substance is naturally forming, although it is usually transported in a powder form. It is white and odorless and can be somewhat soluble in water. Another common name for this substance is alumina. It is not considered toxic to humans, but it can cause health problems if there is prolonged exposure.

The primary purpose of this substance is in the manufacture of aluminum metal. Over 90% of alumina is created for this reason, but there are other uses for it. Aluminum oxide can be utilized as a filler for certain plastics or glass, and it can even be used as an abrasive material, thanks to its rough texture and strong resilience. Finally, it can be found in some paints to add a colorful and reflective effect.

Safe handling of this substance includes gloves, but eye and mouth protection are not required. It is not flammable and is stable in the air. If inhaled, it can irritate the lungs, and it should not be ingested for any reason.