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Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide is a chemical compound consisting of the elements aluminum and oxygen. It is a very abrasive and strong chemical with many industrial uses. Besides being used for the production of aluminium, it is also used as a filler for plastics, as well as many cosmetic items such as lipstick, nail polish and sunscreen.

Due to its purification properties, aluminium oxide is frequently used to remove water from gas streams. It is also used as an abrasive compound in various manufacturing tasks, such as in grinding operations.

It is interesting to note that the compound can be found in many commonplace items; for example, many types of sandpaper contain aluminium oxide crystals and the powdery material which is used as chalk on a billiards cue stick is partly made of aluminium oxide. It is also an effective polishing substance, being used in the polishing liquid for CDs and DVDs and in whitening toothpaste.