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Aluminum Sulfate Hydrate

Aluminum Sulfate Hydrate is a technical grade, ground crystalline solid that is both water and acid soluble to a moderate degree. The color can vary in shades from white to light tan. It’s used as part of the waste treatment process in chemical plants, in the production of paper products, and in water treatment plants for wastewater coagulation, pH control, flocculation, and phosphorous removal.

Aluminum Sulfate Hydrate has a pH in 1% solution of 3.5. It’s soluble at 7.28 pounds in a gallon of water up to 68 degrees. There’s also a slight solubility in dilute mineral acids and alcohol.

It’s non-flammable and has a molecular weight of 599.8. It complies with all standards set by the American Water Works Association. Aluminum Sulfate Hydrate has also received certification from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for use in treating drinking water, up to a maximum 150 mg/L dosage.

The Aluminum Sulfate Hydrate formula is Al2 H2 O13 S3.