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These are compounds that contain a single nitrogen atom with a lone pair. Amines are a class of chemical that is usually derived from ammonia, hence the name. The amine is typically a suffix for a particular substance, such as chloramine or methylamine. Amines can be bonded in a variety of ways, including both gases as liquids. Amine gas has a strong ammonia odor, while liquid versions have a “fishy” aroma.

Because there are so many amines, they are utilized for a broad range of industries. Primary aromatic amines are usually a vital material for various dyes. A wide variety of drugs employ amines, with one of the most well-known being antihistamine medicine. Amphetamines are another example of drugs that utilize this type of chemical.

For the most part, amines are not acutely toxic to humans, but they can cause skin and eye irritation if they make direct contact with tissue. The toxicity and threat of amines are based on their application, so the danger can range from mild to severe.