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Amino Acids

Amino acids are organic compounds produced from amine and carboxylic acid functional group. The key elements of amino acids are carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen. There are about 500 amino acids that can be classified in six main ways -- The Aliphatic, Hydroxyl, Cyclic, Aromatic, Basic, and Acidic plus their amide. Further, other non-protein amino acids act as metabolic intermediates.

Amino acids have not only found their uses in human nutrition, but also in the industry. In human nutrition, amino acids are used to synthesize proteins and additional biomolecules. In addition, they are oxidized to urea and carbon dioxide to generate energy.

In the industry, amino acids have various applications depending on the industry in which they are used. For instance, in the food industry, the acids are used as flavour enhancers. In agriculture, amino acid is used in fertilizers to facilitate the delivery of minerals to plants in order to rectify mineral deficiencies like iron.