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Aminoacetic Acid

Aminoacetic Acid is an organic amino acid also known as Glycine is used by the body to synthesize proteins. The body creates it own glycine structure from foods rich in protein and it is also used during the conversion of dipeptides within the body by bonding with other amino acids such as Alanine. The body will manufacture will manufacture about 2 grams of Aminoacetic Acid per day with a standard diet consisting of dairy, fish, meat, and legumes. Glycine is also manufactured for use in pharmaceuticals and is one of the simplest amino acids to process.

Synthesized Glycine is a sweet-tasting, white, crystaline powder that can be used to treat stroke patients, schizophrenia, and during cancer treatments. It is found to protect the liver from toxic alcohol levels and prevents the harm to the kidneys when other medications are prescribed after an organ transplant.

  • Glycine Molecular Weight - 75.0666 g/mol
  • Chemical Formula - C2H5NO2
  • Molar Mass - 13.0186 g mol