Ammonium Acetate - Avantor 0596-07 - ACS, 12 KG - Seidler

Ammonium Acetate (Avantor, 0596-07, ACS, 12 KG)

This hygroscopic solid is primarily derived from the reaction of ammonia with acetic acid, and is a widely used commercial salt or weak acid. Ammonium acetate is frequently added as a buffer to solutions with acetic acid due to its volatility at low pressure, making it idea for preparing samples for mass spectrography. It is also used as a green de-icing agent thanks to its biodegradable nature, for dialysis as a part of protein purification, and in agricultural chemistry to determine the cation exchange capacity of soil, and as a food additive to regulate acidity. It is also one of the primary compounds that can be used to derive acetone using a dry distillation process. Mass quantities are required for this process, and it is preferred for acetone production on an as needed basis as it is far more stable when stored than various solutions and concentrations of acetone.

Ammonium Acetate (Avantor 0596)