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Ammonium Aluminum Sulfate

This chemical is a white, crystalline substance. It is odorless, but it has a strong acrid taste to it. Due to its slight toxicity, ingestion should be avoided at all times. This substance is not flammable, and it is only slightly soluble in water.

When ammonium aluminum sulfate was first created, it was partially used as a pickling agent for some fruits. However, a link was found between this chemical and Alzheimer’s, so it is no longer seen in the food industry. The primary application for ammonium aluminum sulfate is in laboratory reactions, due to its cost-effectiveness. It can also be found in vegetable glues, porcelain cement, and even deodorant.

This chemical is stable in the air and does not produce any strong vapors. Gloves and eye protection should be worn, however, to prevent direct contact with tissue. Inhalation can still occur if the substance is a fine powder, so it should be kept away from the nose and mouth.